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NEW for 2016 !! Performance Packages !!

Our Package deals get you the parts you need at a Discount.

Sport Rider Package All the Speed You Need at an Economy Price !!

Is your little rider bored with that slow 7mph mini sled?

Not racing but just want some more speed at a reasonable price?

Well, then this is THE KIT for you!

There are two major problems with the stock 120 sleds. One is the motor only turns about 3,000rpm before the stock governor kills the party. The other problem is with the stock gear ratio and the heavy #40 size chain coupled with a 10t stock front sprocket.

Our Economy Speed kit fixes both!

Governor Spring-Most people know that the stock spring is too weak. And a lot of people think it's okay to bypass the governor with a zip tie or piece of wire. BAD IDEA! The problem with doing that is if the motor is then run at a constant too-high rpm with no relief on the governor, that little plastic governor gear down in the engine is eventually going to break, scattering parts and doing extensive damage. The correct way to do it is to put a proper tension spring which will allow a safe 5,000rpm and then open to relieve the governor and also keep the piston from hitting the valves as well.

35 Chain Conversion Kit-Simply put, The stock #40 pitch size chain doesn't work! With the smaller 35 pitch chain we have found that there is far less less rolling resistance than a stock #40 chain and gears have. This is because the rollers are smaller and the sprockets have more teeth on them. This reduced resistance results in better performance along with reduced chain wear and noise. This easy to install kit will set you up right. Includes a new #35 clutch drum to swap out with your stock unit, a quick change rear hub, aluminum sprocket and a #35 chain. The clutch engagement rpm will be the same as stock, but the new revised taller gear ratio will deliver several more mph than stock on top end. Works on all years of Ski-Doo, Polaris and Arctic Cat 120 models. Try it today and more than double the stock 7mph speed of that little sled! Typical speeds achieved are 16-20 mph depending on snow conditions.

Description SKU #


Polaris 120 ALL Models Economy Speed Kit POLKIT1 $159.95

Ski-Doo Mini-Z, MZ Rev Economy Speed Kit SKIKIT1 $159.95

Arctic Cat Z120 & SnoPro 00-09 Models Economy Speed Kit CATKIT1 $159.95

Yamaha / Arctic Cat 10-16  Models Economy Speed Kit YAMKIT1 $159.95

Racer Package The Next Step Up in High Performance!

This kit includes the High Performance Adjustable Race Clutch coupled with the Power-UP Intake Kit. While similar to the Economy Speed Package it adds increased Horsepower and tune-ability for the clutch and carburetor which is necessary when racing or if you just like to tinker.

Racing Clutch-High Performance unit with 4 shoes and easy change springs. It also features a higher engagement rpm for better take-offs. Includes Clutch, Sprocket Hub, Sprocket and #35 Chain.

Power-UP Intake Kit-include a new heavier governor spring with the correct tension, a machined aluminum velocity stack for maximum airflow and a really slick adjustable carb jet which allows you to dial the jetting in easily with just a turn of a knob. These Power-UP  kits have been thoroughly dyno and race tested with very impressive results. Once installed, the motor will rev about 2000 rpm higher with the new spring and you can now adjust the air fuel mixture for maximum HP & RPM. The new power increase will also allow the little sled to pull the taller gearing for even more speed.

Description SKU #


Polaris All Models RACER Kit POLKIT2 $299.95

Ski-Doo Mini-Z, MZ Rev RACER Kit SKIKIT2 $299.95

Arctic Cat Z-120 ZR120 00-09 RACER Kit CATKIT2 $299.95

Yamaha / Arctic Cat 2010-2016  RACER Kit YAMKIT2 $299.95

Speed Racer Package The Ultimate in Speed, Power and Handling !!

Includes all of our Best Speed Performance Parts and our AwesomeShock-It Rear Suspension System. Now that the little machine is going faster it's a good idea to get it to handle better, too. Includes everything you need to go racing or just have a blast ripping around on the trails and fields.




Polaris All Models SPEED RACER Kit



Ski-Doo Mini-Z SPEED RACER Kit



Ski-Doo Mini-Z Rev SPEED RACER Kit



Arctic Cat Z-120 ZR120 00-09 SPEED RACER Kit



Yamaha / Arctic Cat 2010-2016 SPEED RACER Kit



NOTE: Ski-Doo Mini-Z REV's are the newer models with the front shocks and REV body style.


Our gear kits include 3ft. of #35 chain which must be cut to the correct length for your machine and sprocket combination. While there are several ways to do this including grinding off one of the pins, This #35 Chain Breaker uses a pin press to "break" chain to the desired length. Also has a flat press used to assemble chain without a master link. This way a chain can easily be made longer if desired for larger sprockets. A quality addition to any tool box!