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Super Special! Save $70.00!! (vs buying the parts individually)

Here Is Everything You Need To Get A Serious SPEED Increase For Your LT80 / KFX80!!

  • Speed Gearing Kit
  • Chain Tensioner
  • FMF Pipe Kit
  • Power-Up Intake Kit

We have selected 4 of our most popular Hop-Up kits and put them together in one dynamic package combo deal. Once installed, that little quad will flat out rip and sound awesome, too!

Description SKU# Price
LT80 Full Speed Package MM2005 $449.95

LT80 Full Torque Package MM2006 $449.95

LT80 Speed Gearing Kit  BEST SELLER!!

This is the single biggest speed improvement you can make to your LT80 for the dollar. Brand new 3 piece kit to improve the speed of your LT80. Included is a high quality CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum rear axle sprocket, steel countershaft sprocket and a very high quality gold 428 MX chain. This kit not only increases the top speed but also decreases the rolling resistance with the smaller 428 pitch chain. The stock 520 O-ring chain is far too heavy and has a lot of unnecessary drag which robs horsepower and slows the machine down. Once installed with the new ratio gears, the little LT80 will roll much easier improving acceleration and the revised gear ratio will bump the top speed up about 5mph, making it perfect for trail riding, woods or MX. Easy Installation! Full detailed photo instructions are included.

Description SKU# Price
LT80 Speed Gearing Kit MM2001 $79.95

NEW!!LT80 Torque Gearing Kit  for Sand Dunes!!

As a result of numerous requests we now offer a kit designed exclusively for sand dune use and also for those who just want more bottom end grunt. Features all the benefits of the smaller 428 pitch chain with a ratio that is a click lower than stock. The rear sprocket is also steel instead of aluminum which is known to hold up better in sand.

Description SKU# Price
LT80 Torque Gearing Kit MM2010 $79.95

LT80 Constant Chain Tensioner Kit

     Stock Chain Tension         Chain Tension With Tensioner

As you know, the good folks at Suzuki did not provide any way of adjusting the chain tension on the LT80 making gear changes nearly impossible to do. Even the stock chain is way too loose which can eventually lead to sprocket wear. While this set-up is generally adequate for mild trail riding, if you are really serious about performance or are a racer, then our new chain tensioner is for you. Features include CNC machined parts from silver 1/4" thick 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum,  a high performance nylon ball bearing supported roller, stainless steel hardware and the correct tension spring. Once installed your chain tension worries are over as the roller can now track over 4" of chain movement. This is perfect for you racers who want to be able to change gear ratios and peace of mind for the trail rider as the sprockets will last longer. Tensioner is actually silver, not blue as pictured.

Description SKU # Price
LT80 Chain Tensioner Kit MM2002 $39.95

LT80 Chassis, Suspension, Frame Parts

NEW!!LT80 Hi-Rise Racing Handlebar Kits

The stock bars are much too low for MX, jumping or taller riders. Our new bars have a full 5" rise which is 2.5" taller than the stockers. They are also 1.5" wider for increased leverage and have a better bend for MX with less sweep back as well for better knee clearance  making them excellent for taller rider and um, Adult's too!. The bars are lightweight, strong and powder coated for excellent durability. Quick, easy bolt-on installation and retains all stock cables. Kit Includes: Hi-Rise Bars, Crossbar Pad and Matching Grips. Bars are currently available in Black, Green, Red, and Blue. Note: Yellow is no longer available.

Description SKU # Price
Black Hi-Bar Kit BKBARKIT $49.95

Green Hi-Bar Kit GRBARKIT $49.95

Red Hi-Bar Kit RDBARKIT $49.95

Blue Hi-Bar Kit BLBARKIT $49.95

Wide Ride Wheel Spacer Kits


       Stock LT80                     LT80 With WideRide

Announcing our all new WideRide   wheel spacer offset kits. As you can see above the stock LT80 is now a full 5" wider at the wheels with a simple bolt-on kit. This lends increased stability to the machine for improved cornering whether trail riding or racing on a track. The front wheel travel is also increased about 1" as well in much the same way as longer A-arms do along with delivering a softer ride. Also works excellent when combined with our Long Travel Front Shocks as it essentially duplicates the effect of +5"A-Arms.


WideRide kits consist of high quality CNC machined 4140 steel spacers, clear coated for excellent corrosion resistance and durability. All you have to do is remove your wheel, tighten the spacers on the stock studs and replace the wheel. In just a few minutes you can radically alter the look and ride of your stock machine. The weight and load is equally supported across the hub so it is a very strong system. It has been extensively tested in racing over the past 7 years with no failures whatsoever. Wider is better, so get WideRide today! 

note: (Two kits are required, one for each end on a stock quad. If you have the wider rear wheels installed, then just order one kit for the front.)        

Description SKU # Price
Suzuki LT80 WideRide Kit MM2000 $59.95

NEW!!LT80 Long Travel Front Shocks

Front shocks from Midwest Mini for your Suzuki LT80 or Kawasaki KFX80.

Finally, you can fix that front end! The stock shocks basically stink. The springs are way too short and there's barely even 2.5" of wheel travel. Our new long travel Front shock kit delivers a full 5" of wheel travel with their longer stroke design making them ideal for racing or more aggressive riders. The springs are softer than stock delivering and improved ride for trail riders too. Note: (Travel was measured at the front bumper from full extension to full compression on an LT80 with our Wide Ride Kit installed, Your actual travel may vary but will still be increased) $159.95 for 2 Shocks.

Description SKU # Price
 Long Travel Shocks MM2004 $159.95


Chances are if your LT80 has some time on it or as been driven a lot  in the water and mud, the stock brakes are likely not working very well anymore. Our carbon graphite brake shoes are superior to the stock units providing better braking power and longer shoe life. Don't neglect those brakes as they are important for safety!










LT80 Engine HyperPerformance Parts

LT80 Power-Up Intake Kit

Brand new 3 piece kit to improve the power of your Suzuki LT80 or Kawasaki KFX80. Includes Boyesen 2 stage reeds. These reeds have a lightweight primary reed which opens sooner than a single reed for more bottom and midrange power. Uni-Filter- This is a very high quality free flow 2-stage filter. The 2 stage design filters air better than the stock unit and the outer pre-filter can be removed from the main air filter for quick cleaning to help extend service intervals.(K&N Filter also available) A special size main jet is also included to properly lean out the mixture for maximum top end power. This kit will give a nice boost in performance and is easily installed. Also works excellent in conjunction with a pipe. Power-On!



LT80 Power Up Intake Kit



Power Up Kit w/K&N Filter



Boyesen Power Reeds

These two stage fiberglass reeds will give your little LT80 a real world performance boost. The proven two stage design has a lightweight primary reed which opens easier at low revs than a single stock reed does improving bottom end and midrange power. At high revs the secondary reed fully opens to deliver a strong top end power rush.

Description SKU # Price
LT80 Power Reeds



#90 Mikuni Main Jet



Uni Filter Air Filter

The world's best selling MX air filter is now available for your LT80. The 2 stage design allows for easy cleaning. The outer layer works as a pre-filter which can be ran dry and pulled off for quick cleaning when it's dirty or dusty allowing for longer cleaning intervals of the main filter. It also flows air better for a stronger powerband. (fits inside stock airbox)

Description SKU # Price
LT80 Uni Filter



We now have the K&N Air Filter for those of you who prefer the proven quality of a K&N pleated paper style filter. These filters flow air very well. This filter fits inside the stock airbox and there is also an Outerwears Pre- Filter available for it.

K&N Air Filter $59.95 Pre-Filter $19.95

Description SKU # Price
K&N Air Filter



Pre-Filter for K&N Filter



LT80 FMF Racing Pipe & Silencer Kit

Really awesome pipe kit for your LT80 or KFX80. FMF has been making their Fatty Pipe for years for the Banshees and 250R and now you can get it for your favorite mini! This pipe features a true expansion chamber design for an excellent midrange and top end power increase. Easily bolts right on without jetting changes, saves weight, sounds great and looks way too cool! Includes standard Power Sore Silencer as pictured. Silencer is repackable with fiberglass pipe wrap or rebuild kits.



FMF Fatty Pipe W/Power Core



LT80 20mm Carb Kit and Accessories  DISCONTINUED BY DG! TRY EBAY

This 20mm carb kit is the way to go if you want to take advantage of the higher air-fuel flow of a big carb. Works well on stock and even better on ported motors. Complete Kit includes carb, manifold, K&N filter, air boot and a splash guard.

note:filter and airboot are only for the 20mm carb kit & does NOT fit the stock LT80 carb.

K&N PreCharger Pre-Filter

High quality pre-filter that fits over the K&N Air Filter supplied on the 20mm carb kit. This greatly reduces the intervals between cleaning and oiling of the filter. Just shake off the dust and you're good to go!

Crankcase Filter: When you remove the airbox there is a large black hose that is removed on the left side of the clutch cover. This little foam Uni-Filter clamps on the crankcase to keep dirt out of the clutch.



20mm Carb Kit



PreCharger Filter



Crankcase Filter



Jet Kit 100-110 5pc


Replacement K+N Filter



Hi-Flow Fuel Petcock Kit

The stock LT80 petcock is a bit of a mystery to many owners. It has no off position rather just on-reserve and prime. Instead it has a vacuum operated diaphragm that opens the fuel flow via a pulse hose from the carburetor when the engine is running. When the engine is shut off, the fuel flow is shut off. At least that is the way it is supposed to work anyway and most times it does. The problem is that as they get older, the diaphragms wear out and then the petcock doesn't pump enough fuel or doesn't shut off anymore. In the first case, the engine can starve for fuel and in the second case the carb and engine crankcase will often become flooded when sitting causing starting difficulties. Suzuki does not have a rebuild kit and a new stock petcock is $100!

The Solution!

We now offer a good old fashioned ON-Off-Reserve petcock which delivers excellent fuel flow at all times and shuts of when you shut it off. The kit also includes a new fuel line and a rubber cap to block off the carburetor pulse line fitting. Problem solved- Power On!

Description SKU # Price
LT80 Hi-Flow Petcock Kit



Big Bore / Standard Piston Rebuild Kit

Perfect for an increase in horsepower or just to freshen up an older motor. We offer the high quality Wiseco piston kits in the stock bore as well as as the 2mm oversize Big Bore kit which increases the displacement to 90cc. Kits include the piston, rings, wrist pin, top end bearing, and gaskets. Top end gasket kits also available separately incl. head, base and exhaust gaskets.



Wiseco Big Bore Piston Kit



Wiseco Std. Piston Kit



Top End Gasket Kit



NEW LT80 Oil Injection Block-Off Kit!

Many LT80 owners like to remove the factory oil pump and run gas/oil pre-mix instead. Although rare, the pumps are known to sometimes stop working causing engine seizures. By removing the pump there is also less drag on the engine which also gives a small performance increase.  Now you can remove the pump, oil tank, lines and get a nice clean look. This handy kit includes a CNC machined billet aluminum block off plate, a rubber cap for the carburetor injection nozzle, bolts, washers and instructions. (Available in Silver ONLY)

YDescription SKU # Price
LT80 Block Off Kit Silver



LT80 Engine Parts & Rebuild Parts

Heavy Duty Starting Battery    Stock Carb Rebuild Kit    High Performance Replacement Drive Belt

Replace that old, tired battery          Everything to rebuild your carb      Excellent replacement for an old, worn belt.

LT80 HD Battery



LT80 Carb Rebuild Kit CARBREBKIT $19.95

LT80 H.P. Drive Belt DRIVEBELT $59.95

LT80 Bumper

DG Alloy Front V-Bumper

This is a really awesome replacement for that wimpy little stock steel unit. It is much larger and offers superior front end protection while giving your favorite LT80 mini quad a cool custom look. Made from durable lightweight aluminum and clear coated to last long.

Description SKU # Price
LT80 Alloy V-Bumper